Leonid Kalashnikov to Ukrainians: «You’re Naive if You Think Warsaw and Washington Won’t Abandon You!»

Jakub Korejba, journalist, Poland: You haven’t answered my question! How will you benefit from freezing the conflict?Leonid Kalashnikov, member of State Duma: Unfortunately, the GDP of Ukraine didn’t even reach the index of 1990. It didn’t. It hadn’t managed to reach the… Continue Reading

Just Watch the Performance of the Wonder Howitzer «Koalitsiya». It’s a Test, not Combat Action

The new self-propelled howitzer Koalitsiya is being tested in the Sverdlovsk Oblast. The 50-ton novelty has unique characteristics. Its NATO analogs are far behind in range and speed of shooting.Kirill Solodkov saw the tests.[embedded content]Kilometer after kilometer through forests, fields,… Continue Reading